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Flatten the Curve. Part 14. Rotten Egg & Mystery Smell. They've been smelling it everywhere and a lot of people have gotten sick. Has it happened to you?

Part 13 is here. If you have anything relevant, please share your thoughts in the comments
I found an article by Robert Scribbler describing what is starting to transpire here on earth. Awakening the Horrors of the Ancient Hothouse
It's by far the best written explanation that I could find. Give it a read.
Look folks, I know this all is really hard to believe. Trust me, I do. Most of you are at least open to this as a possibility, which means you will be more cognizant and critical of future news reports. But there are some who aren't willing to get by their programmed cognitive dissonance and will only accept the answer that gives them the least amount of physical discomfort.
That's not good.
This is happening. We don’t know how bad it will get. We don't know how bad it is. All I can do is show you what I've found, it's up to you whether or not choose to believe it.
I do believe some governments know. At this point I do believe this wasn't foreseen. This was their worst nightmare, a black swan event. They knew we would be facing abrupt climate change, I don't think they conceived of toxic gas in that scenario. Their are too many variables in play when it comes to our biosphere. I believe this is why the sudden acceleration has occurred to get 5G operating and get Artificial Intelligence operating. They view it as the savior to our problem. An intellect so capable that it can equate all the variables and come up with a solution. This is why every single major tech company and University is working with the government and the military. This isn't a conspiracy. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft employees have actual positions on boards within the military.
Let that sink in. Why do you think all of these companies had antitrust lawsuits vanish? They strong-armed them into cooperation. Go look at the timeline for the Microsoft antitrust. It ends in 2001. And then this starts happening.
Gates Foundation Buys Stakes in Drug Makers.
By David Bank and Rebecca BuckmanStaff Reporters of The Wall Street Journal.
May 17, 2002.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has purchased shares in nine big pharmaceutical companies valued at nearly $205 million.
With the aforementioned in consideration, please remember, the driving philosophy will be, survival of the fittest.
Now that I've given you a small part of complicity to cooperate on keeping this knowledge of possible impending events hidden from us, I'm going show you proof that the warning signs have been here for a while.
Do you remember all the tourists getting sick in the Dominican Republic and the other islands? Of course most of you won't, because they have done a masterclass on distracting every single one of us. But it happened. Taken on it's own as an anomaly, it looked harmless. After all, unexplainable events happen all the time. This wasn't one of them. It was the canary in the coal mine.
https://www.cnn.com | After deaths, more tourists to Dominican Republic say they were stricken with illness.
https://www.dailymail.co.uk | Mystery surrounds American deaths in Dominican Republic
As usual, there is more. I don't have the necessary resources to spend the time linking everything. The information is there for you to dig further.
But people get sick there all the time. Maybe they drank the water?
Nearly 70 tourists to Dominican Republic reported illness since March - New York Post 2018.
That's up from just 10 reported illnesses in the country for all of 2018, according to iwaspoisoned.com. In June alone, 52 tourists reported symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea and fever. More than 45 of them identified themselves as guests at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana.Jun 10, 2019.
It wasn't normal. But maybe it was new normal.
https://www.foxnews.com California man died in April at Dominican Republic resort after drink from hotel.
While saying little publicly, however, teams of experts and inspectors from several international agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, conducted tests Thursday at the Bahia Principe properties where U.S. tourists died. It was unclear whether they inspected other resorts. The FBI confirmed to Fox News on Friday it was assisting Dominican authorities in investigating the deaths.
The testing and the FBI's involvement marked the first public indications that officials in the U.S. and the Dominican Republic have considered the possibility of something other than natural causes.
“It’s a complete fabrication,” Felecia Nieves, Sport's sister, said, “that you could have as many people and they all have the same cookie-cutter outcome. It’s impossible.”
Ok. CDC and the FBI. Gotcha. If I didn't know better we're watching one of those disaster porn movies. Now we just need that guy that discovers it by accident, and the hero who's going to save the day.
But maybe it was a one time thing? Possibly? Hopefully?
https://www.ctvnews.ca | Families report more cases of viral illness in children who visited Dominican resorts.
https://www.wigantoday.net Wigan dad demands answers after mysterious illness 'ruins' Dominican Republic holiday.
But maybe it was Covid-19! That's it! That's the ticket! They were warned not to go there on March break, and they didn't listen! Serves the Covidiots right!
https://www.garda.com Dominican Republic: Government confirms first COVID-19 case March 1.
So what was the mystery illness? Who knows? Seriously.https://www.cbsnews.com › Dominican Republic deaths: Mystery deepens after new autopsy results.
They gave so many possible answers that you couldn't begin to figure it out, because the authorities were being unreliable narrators. Because here's the canary in the coal mine, you can build up a certain degree of tolerance to hydrogen sulfide exposure. This is the one constant in the narrative, the locals didn't get sick, only the tourists. And there are sources of hydrogen sulfide outgassing on the Caribbean Islands that I will explain in more detail at a later post.
Ok. You get it now. No problem. Just don't go to the Dominican Republic. Good as done. I'm safe and sound. Time for some Netflix and Doritos. Thank God that's done and over with.
Wrong. Let's look deeper.
www.komonews.com › news › local 'Foul odor' sickened more than a dozens students & staff.
https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk › Mystery smell in Blaby investigated as stink makes residents feel sick - Leicestershire Live.
https://www.wtsp.com › Mysterious odor causes nine to fall ill at Largo Medical Center.
https://www.stuff.co.nz › Mystery of the smell and sickness at Carterton school lingers for those affected.
Again, do your own research, there are more cases out there, and the search algorithms are designed to keep the majority away from you. This isn't an accident, it's by design. You have to constantly vary your search terms to keep getting results.
I had a couple of dissenting remarks over the toxic gas emission from our planet, and my subtle suggestion linking it to Covid-19. I truthfully can't address these doubts on an individual basis. I don’t have time. But the connections are there, and I will be posting the information in the future. Why don't I just jot it all down at once?
Because I can't. There is too much background that needs to be established for one post. I'm not using my imagination and engaging in entertaining 'what if' scenarios on this matter. I saw a possibility, and when I looked deeper, the concept that this could be real only grew. My only concern in life was to live well, fall in love, and be happy, and those were accomplished. It certainly wasn't a goal to be spending hours a day looking into a subject with deadly implications if it turns out to be true.
I will leave you with these last two internet headlines. If you can draw the obvious parallel, leave your thoughts in a comment. If you can cast doubt on this link, definitely leave a comment. I'm not trying to be right. I want to be wrong. The main goal here is to figure out whats happening, and what's true or false.
Now here are my final links.
https://www.abc.net.au | Anosmia: Nasty viral infection leaves woman without her sense of smell or taste - ABC News 2018.
Hmmm, what else makes you lose your sense of smell?
https://www.theguardian.com | Thousands of Covid-19 cases missed due to late warning on smell loss, say experts.
But not all the time.
https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk | Lost your sense of smell? It may not be coronavirus. | National Geographic
And look at that, in some people the symptoms keep going after their viral infection is over.
https://www.ft.com | Mystery of prolonged Covid-19 symptoms adds to unknowns | Financial Times
Do you know what else causes smell loss?
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a dangerous gas. Hydrogen sulfide can “paralyze” the sense of smell and workers can lose the ability to smell.
The effects depend on how much hydrogen sulfide you breathe and for how long. Exposure to very high concentrations can quickly lead to death. Odor threshold when rotten egg smell is first noticeable to some. Odor becomes more offensive at 3-5 ppm.
That's all for today. I need to stress this hasn't reached a level of where it poses an imminent threat. There is too much that isn't known, but i honestly believe if the threat was imminent, you would be seeing a vastly different reaction by the security apparatus. And this isn't a constant effect. At the moment it appears (except in locations where the outgassing is dependent upon other biomass factors, like the Dominican Republic, and even then they've developed a natural tolerance to the gas) to be occurring in isolated water emissions, and anything closer is weaker in strength and is quickly diffused into the atmosphere.
Upcoming more information that you have read but not given the real explanation for.
June 11th | Geophysical evidence for this occurring that you have read online.
June 12th | Hydrospheric evidence that our governments are actively hiding.
Take care. Be safe. Stay aware and be prepared.
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FBI Intervenes In Strange Dominican Republic Tourist Deaths

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The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has kicked off investigations on the strange and shocking deaths of tourists traveling in the Dominican Republic.
The probe commenced following what could be the ninth bizarre death of a tourist in the Caribbean nation.
According to The Wall Street Journal, the FBI is working with local authorities to investigate the occurrences that took place before the deaths were reported to the government and police.
The other tourists who died in the Dominican Republic this year, as compiled by BBC News, are as follows: Leyla Cox, Robert Bell Wallace who felt sick in April at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, John Corcoran who was found dead in his hotel room, Miranda Schaup-Werner who reportedly died after having some drinks at the hotel's minibar, and Edward Nathaniel Holmes, and Cynthia Ann Day.
Other groups of tourists who went to the Hotel Riu Palace Macao and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino said many of them felt sick after either swimming in the pool, drinking in minibars, or eating food at hotel restaurants.
Santo Domingo U.S. embassy authorities said no evidence at this point suggests that the deaths from last year and the succeeding deaths recorded to date are connected to each other.
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Oklahoma high school graduates fall ill during Dominican Republic trip, parent says

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About 40 seniors, who just graduated from Deer Creek High School in Edmond, traveled to the Dominican Republic on June 8 to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana, a parent told KOTV. NEW JERSEY MAN, 55, IS LATEST TOURIST DEATH IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. The all-inclusive resort is the same location where two Americans have died and others have gotten sick.
Bennett Hill, a student who became sick on the trip, told KOCO that on their second day in the Dominican Republic, he woke up sweating, freezing and cramping.
DOZENS OF 'PARROTHEADS' REPORTEDLY SICKENED DURING TRIP TO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. But according to the superintendent of Deer Creek Public Schools, most of the former students were fine and only those that ate at the restaurant became sick.
Of the recent deaths that have become publicly known so far, Dominican investigators said five were caused by a heart attack.
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC RESORT DEATHS MYSTERY: TIMELINE. "He went to the Dominican Republic healthy and he just never came back," Curran's daughter Kellie Brown told WKYC last week.
The State Department confirmed to Fox News that another American died in the Dominican Republic, but they did not provide an identity.
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BJJ4Change Camp Punta Cana REVIEW

Since a few people commented on my previous posts about the camp about getting feedback I thought I'd write a little review in case people are curious about attending other camps with BJJ4Change which I'm sure will happen.
Firstly let me just say I have to apologize as I posted saying I would be doing a podcast with Rodolfo, Cyborg and Abraham Marte which would have been extremely cool and I had some great questions lined up. Unfortunately due to time constraints and different schedules we just couldn't seem to make it come together, maybe next time!
OVERALL: The camp was an amazing experience, not only getting the chance to learn from and train with 3 amazing champions in Rodolfo Vieira, Cyborg Abreu and Abraham Marte. But also due to the amazing, beautiful setting of Punta Cana. I would have to say, hands down, the most amazing hotel/resort I have ever stayed in, greatly beyond my expectations. Overall I would definitely recommend one of these trips if you want to get in a great vacation with a bit of training thrown in the mix.
LOCATION: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is a truly amazing setting. Basically a town established and revolving around tourism, it kind of reminded me a little bit of Fiji. The weather was great and warm and beaches were beautiful. The resort itself went above and beyond 5 star or at least what I imagined it would be. A massive complex boasting multiple lobbies, casino, nightclub, numerous restaurants and buffets, as well as large pool and gym areas, this location was simply incredible. And did I mention all inclusive? Thats right, everything is included, as much as you can drink and eat, a dangerous combination when it comes to training for some I'm sure haha
INSTRUCTION: The instruction itself was top notch with the camp being 5 days total itself, the middle 3 days revolved around a seminar with one of the head coaches with the other coaches still present for help, general chat and photos.
The first day we were training with Cyborg Abreu who was kind enough to actually ask us what we wanted him to demonstrate rather than just deciding for us. No surprises at all most people mentioned the Tornado Guard. We started off with a few inversion drills as a warm up and then proceeded through a full half guard inversion sweep and then onto the Tornado sweep itself with a few variations, as an instructor himself Cyborg was top notch, conveying information clearly and structured in a way that made it easy to learn, it was easy to see he had taught many seminars before.
Day 2 we were treated to some amazing half guard passes by Rodolfo Vieira, who with the help of translation from Cyborg and Abraham, broke down 3-4 passes in minute detail, describing each point clearly and why he was doing it. The techniques he showed were 'mind blowing' to say the least, in that the methods he showed allowed an incredible amount of pressure being generated even from someone like myself who fights at Featherweight.
Day 3 we were instructed by main host coach Abraham Marte who focused mainly on his closed guard game he has become well known for, he showed us a back take from full guard with a number of variations that looked exceedingly technical but once broken down were achievable even by the new white belts present.
ROLLING: Rolling was variable throughout the camp, the first day of arrival we did some quick drills with Cyborg and then I was lucky enough to get the first roll with him. The preceding days the roll sessions were hit and miss and basically up to your own mindset on how hard you wanted to train. I will stress at this point that the way to view a camp like this is a vacation camp to relax, have a good time and pickup some sweet techniques. If you're looking for a competition preparation type of deal where you can roll hard 2-3 times a day this simply isn't that. To look at it realistically you can't expect everyone to want to train full on 2-3 times each day when they're staying at a 5 star resort with amazing pool and unlimited drinks which was a basic reality upon the 2nd day. Most people would all attend the morning seminars and then hit the pool after lunch and stay there drinking until dinner time where we would meet up and hang out once again. There were additional rolling sessions in the evenings where people would show up whenever they wanted, have a few rolls and leave. I managed to sneak in about 10+ rolls at each of these meet ups but as I said previously this depends on your own mindset of being active and grabbing people to roll and not taking long breaks after every roll. Should you decide to go and roll on your own time with a partner, the mats were available to us anytime from about 9am-9pm.
Questions? I'll try my best to answer all
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